Once upon a time…

Sonus Integrity – Safeguarding Assets, Empowering the Future

Once upon a time, in the bustling world of asset management, a visionary individual with a passion for integrity and a hunger for untapped opportunities set out on a transformative journey. This person was none other than the founder of Sonus Integrity. It was the year 2022 when Sonus Integrity was born, driven by a desire to assist asset owners in optimizing the management and inspection of their critical assets.

The Genesis – A Quest for Independence and Flexibility

The founder, having witnessed the potential yet unexplored possibilities in the oil, gas, energy (including renewables), offshore, and metal industries, was determined to create a company that embraced independence and flexibility. Thus, Sonus Integrity emerged as a one-person enterprise with boundless ambition.

A Dynamic All-Round Approach

From the very beginning, Sonus Integrity stood out with its distinctive approach. As a small yet mighty consultancy and inspection firm, they prided themselves on being pragmatic, flexible, and all-encompassing. Their services spanned consultancy, inspections, and non-destructive testing, leaving no stone unturned in their mission to ensure the technical integrity and safety of assets.

Carving a Niche – Embracing Unconventional Solutions

With a penchant for innovation, Sonus Integrity sought to spearhead change within the industry. Their willingness to explore uncharted territory and embrace unconventional solutions quickly earned them a reputation as a go-to partner for clients seeking tailored and dynamic asset management strategies.

A Journey Fueled by Success

The journey of Sonus Integrity began with challenges, as any path of innovation does. However, resilience, dedication, and the commitment to deliver top-notch services allowed them to overcome initial hurdles. Within a short time, they had successfully satisfied around ten clients, each of whom bore witness to the value that Sonus Integrity added to their operations.

Contributing to a Sustainable Tomorrow

While the industries they served might not inherently align with green initiatives, Sonus Integrity recognized their role in preserving a sustainable future. By enhancing the technical integrity of assets and deploying cutting-edge technologies, including robotics, they played a pivotal role in preventing potential environmental calamities. Additionally, the company extended its support towards two noble causes: animal welfare and protecting our Earth and its natural riches.

The Present – A Trusted Partner for Asset Owners

In the present day, Sonus Integrity stands as a beacon of reliability and trust in the Netherlands, Belgium, and across the European Union. Their strategic collaborations and partnerships have granted them a broader capacity than a typical one-person enterprise, allowing them to serve clients with expertise and dedication.

The Future – A Quest for Sustainable Growth

As the journey continues, Sonus Integrity remains committed to its core values of integrity, creativity, and flexibility. Their vision is to sustainably grow while retaining their small-scale dynamism, ensuring personalized care for clients. They aim to expand their footprint, contributing their expertise and services to more industries and asset owners, safeguarding critical infrastructure and enhancing the safety of communities.


Sonus Integrity, the brainchild of a visionary entrepreneur, has swiftly evolved into a symbol of trust, innovation, and excellence. With a mission to secure assets and preserve futures, they continue their quest to empower asset owners, embrace innovation, and foster a sustainable tomorrow. Whether it’s inspecting offshore structures, optimizing energy facilities, or safeguarding metal assets, Sonus Integrity stands tall as a trusted partner, ready to embark on the challenges of tomorrow and create a lasting impact on industries worldwide.